Welcome to this week’s installment of On The Mind Weekly. This week, we’ll be talking about recent  child concussion guidelines released by the CDC.

Trib Live – Concussion guidelines for kids call for better tracking

Recent concussion guidelines released by the CDC aim to direct parents of children who have had concussions towards ideal recovery-oriented behavior. According to researchers, this is the first set of guidelines published with this goal in mind, and focusing specifically on concussions in children. These guidelines, which are based on 25 years of research and studies, also aim to clear up common misconceptions about concussions.


Fox 9 – Doctors affirm ‘concussions are not minor’ after CDC releases new guidelines

One major goal of the CDC’s recent guidelines is to clear up a number of common concussion-related assumptions that aren’t correct, such as the belief that a concussion will always involve a person being knocked unconscious or the belief that concussions are not serious injuries. One factor that may lead to the underestimation of concussions may be terminology; while “concussion” sounds a bit nicer than “traumatic brain injury,” any brain injury can be serious and all brain injuries should be handled with appropriate care.