How Does It Work?

Hundreds of senior administrators at high schools and colleges across the country participated in the Concussion Challenges for Educators (available upon request) study. They confirmed “…an urgent concussion training need for faculty and administrators…” reaching beyond just coaches and athletic trainers; especially for the “Return To School” recovery period.

SmartResponse™ is the first community-wide concussion training solution to deliver the best practices needed by institutions and the management tools that administrators want.  SmartResponse features an auditable learning outcome and assessment database to track and report institutional preparedness.  This allows schools and colleges to document their training achievement which in turn leads to economic benefits – insurers know that best practices reduce risk.

The Preview Release

SmartResponse introduces an advanced, technology-based leading-edge training modality:  Serious Gaming.  The use of this learning paradigm and underlying technologies was pioneered by the US DOD, which today uses serious gaming in a wide range of applications.  SmartResponse features a 3D photorealistic gameworld environment which is engaging and immersive for learners.  More to the point, the serious gaming learning environment has been shown to be highly effective when compared with traditional learning modalities.

The SmartResponse Preview Release is a sample training opportunity for education institutions to immediately acquire valuable “Return To School” learning outcomes beneficial for faculty, staff, administrators and – of course – their students.  It also gives educators an early glimpse of the power of this training modality which could be available in the future as “SmartResponse 1.0”.

The SmartResponse Preview Release is 100% Free for the first 500 qualified requesting institutions.  We are especially seeking those institutions and educators who have demonstrated a passion and commitment to “Do The Right Thing” for their students.